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Reiki certification, holistic healing sessions, cleansings, tarot, jewelry



"... during the reconnective session the smell of flowers filled the room..these were flowers I had never smelled before. Bliss and Happiness overtook my being and my mind quieted down. I felt a cold streak of energy working its way up my arm which has had surgery in the past. I felt peace growing and expanding...my legs rising, my ankles moving, and an intense body shake..."- Alejandro H.

"..just wanted to let you know the Reiki session you provided was awesome. I felt like I was somewhere else... And today I have been so relaxed all day. Reiki is amazing...I'm so glad I did it! "-Ronnie

"I had taken Reiki classes before but after taking Reiki with Martha, I finally feel confident about doing it. She is a great teacher and I feel I can give a session now"-Ellen R.